Personal Statement

I am an independent producer of all kinds of media for documentary and educational products and productions. I work on all kinds of projects, from solo production of a single photograph to consulting on scalable content generation strategies for large-scale products. I specialize in content for museums and cultural organizations. In much of my work, I focusing on the interface between those who have something to say and those who want to learn. I am a story teller, and my job it is to make your story compelling.

By training, I am a photographer, ethnographer and designer. By inclination, I am a documentarian, journalist and educator. I've worked as a photojournalist, writer, publisher, typesetter, copy editor, publicist, videographer and designer. I've produced short videos and photo stories, documentary treatments and news reports, radio stories and animated computer games. I've designed things from posters to books, slide shows and Web sites, characters to computer interfaces, from exhibits to complicated systems for sophisticated interactive applications.

Nine years in an advanced research institute have given me a broad knowledge of digital technologies, including mobile, game and simulation platforms, pedagogical agents,and user tailoring. Also technologies of distribution, including semantic web. Learning new skills was a constant.